Garage Door Off Track

If you are looking for a garage door off track emergency repair ,then you have come to the right place. Our team of experts are here to help with all your needs. We offer a wide range of services and can help with any garage door off track 24/7.

What Causes The Garage Door To Go Off Track?

Several factors can lead to a garage door going off track. Everyday situations and emergencies can contribute to this issue. Here are potential causes:

Collision while Backing Out: Accidents occur, and sometimes when backing a car out of the garage, the door might get hit. If the garage door doesn't fully open after pressing the button, it might not catch your attention before it's too late, resulting in the door going off track due to impact.
Car Not Fully Inside: If a car isn't pulled all the way into the garage and the garage door opener settings are maxed out, the door might collide with the car and derail.
Obstructions: Objects like brooms, bikes, or trash cans leaning against the garage's closing side can hinder the door's path while it's closing. This obstruction can force the garage door off track.
Age-Related Wear: Over time, especially if the garage door is 10+ years old, metal fatigue can set in. Signs of this might include splits in the middle sections of the door. As these splits develop, sections can bow in, leading to one side falling out of the track. Hinges could weaken or break too.
Loose Torsion Cables: The torsion cables on the side of the garage door might become loose. If these cables fall off the torsion drum, the door can become misaligned, potentially causing rollers to slip out of the track.
Improper Torsion Springs Installation: The large coils (torsion springs) situated above the garage door must be correctly installed and calibrated. If the garage door is manually lifted too quickly, it can throw the door off track.

Remember that a combination of factors or a single significant incident can contribute to the garage door going off track. Regular maintenance and cautious usage can help prevent these situations and keep your garage door in proper working order.

Garage Door Repair’s More Features ​

Opener Repair

Get fast and reliable garage door opener services for your home or business. Contact us now for expert installation, repair, and maintenance. Satisfaction guaranteed

Spring Repair

We provide garage door spring repair San Jose to repair and replace broken garage door springs and prevent injuries

Track Repair

We are known for our fast yet high-quality performance. We can do next-day service for you, with a 1-year warranty on installations.

Broken Cable Repair

Broken or frayed garage door cable: Broken and frayed cables are a hindrance in the operation of garage doors, and we are well-equipped to fix them quickly

Roller Repair

We replace and repair worn-down rollers so your door can open and close smoothly.

Hinges Repair

We provide repair service for hinges so all the garage door sections are kept together.

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We are known for our fast yet high-quality performance. We can do next-day service for you, with a 1-year warranty on installations.

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